We are a group of students at Northern Michigan University looking to spread hope to our campus as a To Write Love On Her Arms University Chapter. Here you can find out upcoming events, highlights, inspirational what-nots, information about our chapter, special promotions going on for UChapter members, and other interesting TWLOHA things. We are here to share a message of hope. If you are in need of anything at all, or just feel like chatting, hit up our Ask (?). :) Also If you have some cool ideas for event's that we could hold at our school no matter how big or how small, let us know!

We’re baaaaaaaaaack!

Hey everyone! The new semester has started and that’s super exciting! Meetings this semester are Mondays at 5 in room 311 in the library. Next Monday is Labor Day so we won’t be having a meeting, but hopefully both new and old faces will be seen Monday, September 8th. See you all there! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Hi everyone! We are tabling today in the lower level of the LRC for self harm awareness month. Come visit us to write “Love” on your arm or to do Fears vs Dreams… or just to say hi!

Hope N Mic Night

Hey everyone! Hope N Mic Night was awesome!!!!!! Everyone who came and participated was great! We really appreciate all the support we had! Thanks again to everyone for making Hope N Mic Night a success!!!!!!!!

Meeting on January 27

Hey guys! We have a meeting tomorrow at 4:30. At the meeting we’re going to take a group picture so we can put it in the display case. If you have a TWLOHA shirt of any kind, wear that. If not, wear something navy blue, tan, or black. See you all there!

New Meeting Time… and Place!

Hi everyone! We have a new meeting time. Meetings will now be Mondays from 4:30 to 5:30. Also, we will meet in room 235B on the main floor of the library. Hope to see you all there!

Relay for Life and First Winter Semester Meeting

Hi everyone! I hope your winter break was awesome! Our first meeting of this semester is Monday, January 13, by Starbucks in the LRC at 9. Hope to see you all there!

Also, we really need to get everyone signed up for Relay for Life. To do this, go to relayforlife.com and get signed up. If you need help registering our awesome chairwoman would love to help you! Another note, when signing up, you can bypass paying by checking pay by cash or check later when signing up.

❝ If we connect with even one other human being who understands, we take one step out of depression. Life is about connection. ❞

- Sally Brampton (via To Write Love On Her Arms)

First Meeting of the Semester…

…and I think it went alright! 

New semesters bring new possibilities! We’re reaching for the stars this year for sure =)


National Suicide Prevention Week 9/9 - 9/15 #NSPW12
World Suicide Prevention Day 9/10 #WSPD12


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